But in theory that upgrade would solve many of the issues we are facing. I am so pissed off I could shoot the damn thing. I would personally part out the chassis, lcd, keyboard, and power adapter I have not mentioned however, when working, the G2S is a powerhouse in many tasks. You may be able to find the old M board on ebay on the cheap. Now I am without a bad laptop that is virtually brand new.

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What Notebook Should I Buy? You may be able to find the old M board on ebay on the cheap.

Asus G2S Specs – CNET

Sir Punk Aug 19, NOT high performance or it heats up. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The driver support is severely lacking. At the current moment, I would advise to attempt to return the laptop, if possible for a couple of reasons.

I thought the latter, but a 3rd ssus service representative said that it has the possibility to be either.

I guess the only bright side here is I’m possibly getting a new computer vide though I hate to shell out the cash for one so soon after getting the G2S last year Your name or email address: In short, we are up a river. Welcome and good luck. The US has a better reputation than other regions, but is not especially quick or thorough to the degree of Dell or Lenovo.


Asus G2 Graphics card

Maybe OP can find the mobo for that G2 and stuff it in his? In the current market, there are many g2x alternatives that are cost effective but will do the job.

Both models were not widely popular as they were late to the game. Asus has a lot of good aeus and happy users out there, but I’m going to steer clear of them after this. It has saved my behind many a time with projects and such.

The last major update was months ago, despite current issues on a clean install utilizing the newest drivers available. Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by PNMar 9, The major issue is that their boards are not for sale by either Asus or the open market. Overall the G2S is a great notebook spec wise: I would personally part out the chassis, lcd, keyboard, and power adapter NINJan 14, If you are stuck, like I said above, don’t hesitate to ask for help or look up user’s past experiences.

  DS3888 [email protected] VGA DIGITAL CAMERA DRIVER

Even to compensate for the faster card M with a lite vent mod, it would still be a better situation.

David has answered your issue concerning the issue of the graphics card. The G2 series, and specifically the G2S, were great for their time. They now are avoiding me and will not return emailsphone calls, anything.

Asus G2S laptop video card drivers

The computer was great At any rate, to the OP, I feel your pain Hi 2gs welcome to the forums. If you are referring to the specific G2 model, you may be exempt from some of the issue below, but I still hold my opinion. What can I do about the fact they did not honor the warranty?

Yes, my password is: