The Awakening Legend Ent. The Awakening – wins RightMark 3D v. It’s not the first agreement between this companies. Actually, at the core temperature up to 52 degrees the card can speed up to MHz; if the temperature is from 52 to 65 degrees, the clock speed is maintained at MHz. This card is also well ahead of the PRO, though the only difference in the increased core clock. And what I want to say is that the boxes are finally deprived of monsters! Maybe there are some other reasons.

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The top-level model has the biggest box which displays the card itself behind the plastic window under the cover. And what I want to say is that the boxes are finally deprived of monsters! That is why the tests will continue and I think by the end of fall it will be clear what comes out a leader, though the parity is also possible.

The cooler is fastened with spring screws. The companies even resort to overclocking and promote overclocked solutions as completely new the marketers at both companies must have huge wages. Over 65 degrees the clock speed ass down to the default values. The SE still wins the battle.


Asus ATI Radeon SE (MB) Overview – CNET

But this function worked by default. That was written about even in the central mass media like Yahoo. Also, the fans are equipped with tachometers as the card supports hardware monitoring.

This time the rendering quality looks equal. SE implies the bit memory interface. The Awakening – depends on price RightMark 3D v. The future of the SE will depend 2900se its price. You can switch to MHz by pressing the Default button.

We’ve got a sample in our museum. So, ASUS got the following products: The Awakening – equal RightMark 3D v. This benchmark uses few shaders, the GeForces are close on the heels. That’s the way ATI’s anisotropy works. Part 2 – Tests in DirectX 9. The SE doesn’t perform well. That’s why it’s hard to judge. This line supports the GameFace technology that allows seeing competitors’ faces through web cameras in network games, and the company supplies a special driver which works together with ATI’s drivers.

This card is packed in a separate cardboard box which is wrapped into a glossy shell. In this test the shader speed makes a greater effect, that its why its crippled memory bus doesn’t affect so much, and the card runs faster than its predecessor PRO.


ASUS ATI Radeon 9200 SE (A9200SE/TD/N/128M/A) 128MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter

Benchmarking in paris2g Test results: Both have their strong and weak points, but in general they compensate each other. All the cards ship in retail packages. No AA, no anisotropy: In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes. The FX is also beaten that is why the price will decide a lot. The ANISO 8x Quality mode provided the real maximum quality with both trilinear filtering and anisotropy working to their full capacity.

In contrast to the reference cooler that has one huge fan, ASUS uses two fans such coolers were installed on GeForce FX based cardsthat is why the sink made of copper alloy is very massive. Part 1 – Game tests in 3DMark, and Soft!