Excellent indoor performance, and well suited for time service even though the 6H is not specialized for that. Sat-simulator testing reveals that the chipset does not handle dates after well; they wrap to This receiver operates correctly as a generic NMEA device, iTalk support is also functional, though switching between NMEA and iTalk does not yet work, nor does any device configuration. Sebastian Niehaus says it annunces “Software Version 3. SirfDemo can be used to configure the product. In ublox5 it is “only available with premium feature raw data”.

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The best indoor performer I have tested. The single chip also brings benefits such as simplified chipset integration and a shorter bill of materials to accelerate the development of ANTARIS 4-based products and lower design risks.

Works out of the box.

Compatible GPSes

Details on the Garmin proprietary protocol can be found at here. OEM module, available in small quantities from Tri-M systems. Programs only seem to be able to communicate with the dongle at baud rates, though this is autodetected by gpsd with no problems.

The German Business catalogue contains 75, articles, covering just about everything that involves electronics. This behavior reported on the 4H chipset. While the technical information claims 1us accuracy on the clock, the interface is undocumented, so there is no way to know if there is a usable 1PPS signal.


Humminbird These guys make fish-finders that incorporate GPSes.

Receiver comes up in silent mode, you may need to use ashctl to turn on a default set of messages. PPS pulse is only 1uS wide, but newer gpsd handles that fine. There is an RS variant as well, not yet tested.

As this is a Bluetooth device, gpsd must either be run gs “-b” or must be compiled with fixed port speed, as the Bluetooth interface does not tolerate port speed changes at all. Techway This vendor has dropped off the web. It is possible that only GR supports Bluetooth.

May come bundled with Microsoft Streets and Trips.

It is likely that later releases will support the receiver, especially if there is a in this column; this means we have a regression test load for the device that is checked before each release. Other SuperStarII boards should work. This receiver operates correctly as a generic NMEA device, iTalk support is also functional, though switching between NMEA and iTalk does not yet work, nor does any device configuration. Acceptably functional running firmware ES.

This is not normal GPS data. Uses SiRF firmware version By default the device does not report 2d fixes; the vendor configuration tool offers checkboxes to enable any combination of none, 2D fixes, 3D fixes, or both.

Where possible, we indicate this in the device table. Automotive applications will benefit from outstanding urban canyon performance, unmatched — any other GPS receiver manufacturer, especially in all multipath, no-direct-line-of-sight situations.


I need information for drivers for Win7 to support a LEA-4H device. – u-blox forum

Rceiver firmware update is available to resolve this issue. Mobile devices will be mostly unharmed from in-band jamming signals that are emitted by transmitting devices such as WLAN, Bluetooth or mobile phones in their proximity. Probably uses PL but we have not verified this.

Built-in antenna with conenctor for external antenna. Ships bad packet checksums when it does not have a fix. Does not report altitude reliably.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

It is strongly recommended that this device not be flashed with a different firmware as all reflashed receivers tested thus far fail to work afterward. Firmware updates are available from ublox; the update is strongly recommended as it fixes a number of UBX bugs, and adds useful new features.

The author of said tool has been very helpful to me by describing how to do that on the projectpage. This was the replacement for the old Zodiac version that spoke Rockwell binary protocol; it in turn has been discontinued.

Here are some notes on hardware we have tested.