The distance from the middle of the shutter button to the middle of the lens is only about 15mm, which means it’s easy to put your knuckle in the way of the lens. But if you want a simple webcam-style turn-the-lens focus system that’ll let you get really sharp focus for both close-ups and landscape shots, you can’t get it from a PenCam; they’re set for a compromise focus that ought not to suck too badly for anything. The VR2’s simple viewfinder is only about as far above the lens as the shutter button is below it, which ought to help reduce parallax error when you’re taking close-up shots. There’s a click-in detent at the most clockwise point in the lens’ rotation; that’s where you’re meant to leave it when you’re using the DualPix in carry-around camera mode, and it gives you the usual mid-range-to-infinity fixed-focus sort of setting. In dim light, moving objects will be blurry, because the camera’s using a long shutter speed. Behold, therefore, three recent contenders in this market. Inside, it’s nothing if not tight-packed.

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If its performance in truly low light turned out to be appalling, after all, then it’d do better to behave like the PenCams and just not let you take pictures.

Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager Driver Download

Wait a moment and I’ll get it for you. It has manual focus adjustment, it has the ability to take pictures no matter how dark it is they won’t necessarily be good pictures, but at least you can tryand the case’s layout ought to keep your fat fingers out of the way of the lens when you’re taking pictures. Stick it up in the marquee lights in front of a shop.

The Aiptek software works in much the same psncam for both PenCams; it’s quite straightforward, if limited. If you want to at least have a swing at taking quality photographs, pncam, the Hercules DualPix is the way to go.


This option requires basic OS understanding. Aus PC Market don’t sell these products any more click here to see their current camera-related products. Other drivers most commonly associated with Aiptek Pencak Vr Manager problems: You also can’t turn the Ultra off by holding down its mode button on the back, below the slightly smaller but otherwise standard two digit displayepncam it’s got the same 30 second auto-power-off feature as the VR 2.

The micro-size casing of the Ultra, aiotek, creates another usability problem. Tp Link mbps Wireless N Pencqm. There’s a bi-colour LED next to the mode button, which glows red when the Ultra’s plugged into its USB lead and the battery’s charging, and green when it’s charged. Put the switch in the off position and it’s like removing the AAA cells from one of the other PenCams – you lose the memory contents, but the battery charge is maintained. This is the low light output from the PenCam VR 2 click for the full-resolution version.

Then, the preeety peeectures. The super-cheapie digicam market sector didn’t even exist until a few years ago, but it’s been around long enough now to have gained a definite character.

The colour balance is good, and the focus isn’t too bad – it’s fuzzier, yes, but that’s because the PenCam Ultra I got for review has a more general-purpose mid-field focus setting than the VC 2 I got.

Aiptek PenCam VR

The VR 2’s interface is unusually flexible, too – it has separate delete-last-audio-clip and delete-last-picture functions, and you can mix audio with images taking pictures, naturally, reduces the memory available for audio. Use timer mode and spin the camera around on its wrist strap while it takes a shot. Click the picture for a by penca, scaled down from the L’s native by And here’s the VC 2’s typically lousy look at it. One of them’ll be perfect. Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy.

But the frame rate was only 4. For the above shot, I set the CL’s exposure so that the meadow in the background is on the edge of being overexposed and the sky certainly isbut there’s gr detail in the rocks in the foreground.


Aipgek on the big lights with the focus at its infinity setting gave more fuzzy images Despite the practically nonexistent “cycle time”, the clips aren’t horrible memory-eating low compression monsters; they’re compressed with the Indeo 5. The DualPix’s JPG compression gives it the same cheering feature as more serious digicams that work the same way – the crummier your picture is, the better it’s likely to compress. Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager driver direct download was reported as adequate by a large percentage of our reporters, pnecam it should be good to download and install.

The PenCam Ultra overexposed the background as well, but not as badly, and it did a better job on the rest of the scene as well. A badly blurred mush? Which you can punch up into even grainier, but brighter, versions in an image editor. Put it on the pavement turn a PenCam sideways and its lens will be about 15mm above the ground – bug’s-eye view! The continuous-picture mode does, at least, provide you with a way to take pictures of things that aren’t bright enough for the camera to photograph normally.

The built-in memory’s apparently enough for 13 minutes of record time, which is tons by voice-note standards, though nothing much compared with proper micro-recorders. There’s a click-in detent at the most clockwise point in the lens’ rotation; that’s where you’re meant to leave it when you’re using the DualPix in carry-around camera mode, and it gives you the usual mid-range-to-infinity fixed-focus sort of setting.