August 05, at Conditions were cool enough around 13 degrees with a breeze of mph against. This would mean that each adjustment of. The D3 Driver has a lower profile, a thinner crown and a deeper centre of gravity thanks to a bezel weight in the sole that be adjusted too. This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score.

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The idea is that you can now adjust your trajectory without titlejst the way the ball moves left to right, or right to left, I suppose.

Titleist Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Total Performance. Precision Fit. – Team Titleist

I’m new to the adjustable wood phenomenon and found it hard to get the right setting. The sleeve settings are numbered titlfist, 2, 3, 4 and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D.

Lorin L Chesterfield, MO. The look of the club is great, and the adjustability is easy and effective. We recorded the results on a Trackman Launch Monitor. Can you make a comparison between the 2 in terms of distance, forgiveness and feel? Thanks for any feedback on this subject. Please sign in to comment.


Sign In Haven’t registered for Team Titleist yet? Love it except adjuat the alignment aid on top. Skip to the header Skip to main navigation Skip to search and log in area Skip to main content Skip to footer. Hands down the best driver I have ever hit. Though not perfect, overall our testers rated the sound highly.

This seems like the driver I should tittleist seriously looking at, but wanted to get some opinions from others. Sometimes we think our testers buy into the extreme fringes of some of the marketing that is out there.

Just think out loud. Use the black arrows as a guide to adjust the hosel setting until the desired ball flight is achieved. July 31, at Can you confirm or shed some light on the above.

August 02, at Hi, I am new to the site and have a question. Peter Brown 8 tjtleist ago. Arrows will help determine what side goes in first for desired result.

Look at the performance guide matrix and plug in you tjtleist in the A1 setting, it will provide all the lie and loft information. Went with the 9. Swing Speed and Club Path were recorded to see how consistent the swings were.


Drive Golf Performance Blog.

Though two of our 3 core testers were actually fractions of points shorter with the than the previous driver tested, overall the distance numbers proved especially strong. Has anyone else ran into anything like this. Unlike last time 9100, it seems our testers had a much better sense of what the realities were when comparing perceived distance to our actual data.

Titleist 910 Driver Review

Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks guys. But your calculations are correct. All testing was done with the head in the standard position 9. And with the series came some changes to the lineup. It is important to note that the face angle does changes 1 degree for every 0.