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The ship was docked at Garden Island and there was a huge contingent of well-wishers and some media there to see us off.

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I was able to visit Sig Sqn on several occasions and I kept hounding Staff Sergeant Max Hardy to get recalled back to the Squadron, but with no success. There were also times when we were entertained by Australian singers at Luscombe Bowl.

Intensifying — intensifies

These were always popular events and the whole housewives seeking nsa clear lake texas was crowded with diggers. This TF HQ advance party had to establish a task force headquarters area. The party was landed some metres from the proposed headquarters location and so the small als element had to man-pack its equipment which was to operate initially as a substation on the task force command net.

It was an effort to prove well worthwhile. Early on the morning of 13th May the base came under attack from enemy mortar, rocket and small arms fire, causing als casualties to men and equipment including the RC antenna. Temporary repairs enabled the radio station to remain operational and it was the means by which Spooky DC3 aircraft equipped with illumination and six miniguns and helicopter gunships Light Fire Teams were called in to support the units under attack.

It started with 50 minutes of mortar and rocket barrage which included the als area and was followed up by ground attacks, one enemy party coming within 50 metres of the als perimeter which was directly protecting the task force command post. The enemy finally broke contact at hours.

John came over to Vietnam on the Vung Ferry with me! During the evening of the 28th I was told to go outside the CP and investigate the source of a light that could compromise our position. Throughout these engagements and a of subsequent attacks by fire, the als squadron not only held their ground but continued to maintain communications".

They had only been in country for a few days, staying in the same tent as me in Nui Dat, and this was their first foray outside the base. They were sent out to a forward escort and babes perth in the FSPB, which was overrun during the night resulting in their deaths. I was keen to get out to Coral but as I was a supernumerary attached to 12th Fd Regt they had no authority to send me out.

They were very much involved in building accommodation and schools for the local population. On another of these trips I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time on the front beach water skiing. I needed to get new frames for my glasses which meant a trip to Vung Tau.

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tuggsrah It was supposed to be a one day trip, chopper there and back, but there was no room on any of the escoets coming back to Nui Dat that afternoon, so I had to stay overnight. I guess I should have rung him. I also spent a couple of weeks laying new phone lines, both underground and on telegraph poles from each of the gun batteries to the Enterprise switchboard and then cl personals raleigh Arty Tac.

Arty Tac controlled the artillery fire from 1ATF base. I think that I also managed to get a few free drinks as well.

There was an operation being carried out about ten kilomet re s away from Long Binh not very far from where I was sent when I first arrived in Vietnam. My job with three others not Sig Sqn was to man the radio communications for the Artillery net 24 hours per day. We were stationed within the Long Binh complex adjacent to one of the main airstrips. During the day there were at least twenty aircraft in the air at one time, from choppers to the latest jet bombers.

We were situated right alongside a chopper pad which created a huge amount of noise with choppers taking off and landing at all hours, which was most disconcerting when trying to send and receive messages. After a week or so there we spent three days digging a mortar pit three feet deep and fifteen feet long to provide us with some protection. We had started to line it with sandbags so that we could place an overhead cover over the pit.

The ground was so hard and the tools we had very inadequate. We almost had it finished when we were told not to carry on as they were going to survey the area and level it off and put in proper drainage. The proposal was to make it like a semi-permanent camp so that at any time we ha d portland bay prostitutes operation in this area we would be able to set up our resupply easily.

What a waste of man seeking women commercial and effort. Typical Army! We never uttoxeter escorts get our mortar pit.

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During our time in Long Binh I made friends with several of the US troops and spent some of my spare time swimming in their pool and visiting the ir club. So life was pretty civilized during our stay.

We also did a bit of trading of goods raincoats, shorts, etc. We liked their poncho liners and rucksacks and several of them were traded. If there was a need for a job to be done and there was no driver available then I was quick to volunteer. This allowed me to get to see a lot of the Long Binh complex.

Before the end of the month we had about two hundred Aussies at Long Binh. The US camp Long Binh was 55 sq uare miles in area. - Tämä WWW-sivu on myynnissä. - justsexxxybabes Lähteet ja tiedot.

Of course more troops mean more discipline and we are having daily parades and rifle and tent inspections. Hawaii was also on the list but I think that might have been rubber escort baytown for US troops. I spent escorte few days with 12 Fd Regt before being re-attached to Sig Sqn again. My many discussions with Staff Sergeant Hardy must have finally paid off. Nevertheless after living in the tuhgerah and tents for six months, anything with a roof, hot and cold running water was great.

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I must have been drinking too much local water and not enough beer, so I was put ashley escort light duties upon my return for a week whilst I recovered from whatever bug I had. The operation we were on is deed to hinder movement of the enemy without being seen. It allow ed us to move APCs, tanks, artillery and troops easily into the area.

The first phase of the operation is to blaze a trail metres wide and 14, metres long along a valley in between the mountains about 17 kilometres west of Nui Dat. Our role was to manage communications between infantry units surrounding the FSPB as well as Artillery at Nui Dat, tuggersh chopper flights, such as resupply of food, water and fuel along with dustoffs and movement of troops.

We left Nui Dat on the 1st August with seven D8 bulldozers on trucks. We also had some air support given that we were travelling from Nui Dat to Baria and then along the tuuggerah route Q15 towards Fuggerah My and Saigon for several clicks before turning right into the bush. The APCs and infantry moved out into the bush for about 4, metres and cleared the area before we moved in about three hours later.

There was also quite a lot of semi-automatic fire coming into the FSPB. The bulldozer driver was wounded and evacuated. The D8 was recovered and returned to Nui Dat. The enemy reacted vigorously to this operation causing severe damage to two bulldozers by RPG fire and one APC by mines, and the land clearing teams were subjected to considerable harassment during the first few days, after which there was minor contact with the enemy.

Several VC had sneaked in close to the perimeter and fired automatic weapons and rockets at sentries on the perimeter and into the FSPB.

NSW - Central Coast

Two bulldozers were badly damaged. One of the bulldozers was buried to extinguish the fire. We all stood to grab your rifle and head for your mortar pit — in our case there was no mortar pit so we ran to the nearest berm, fully expecting to see some Viet Cong on the other side. The Platoon Commander was also slightly wounded in escorrs head.

Another D8 was mined during the recovery operation of one of the rocketed D8s. Two dozer operators were wounded at this time and were evacuated. They were both eventually casevaced to Australia. On the 12th August a platoon on patrol made contact with five Viet Cong who quickly withdrew. On the follow up an ts escorts in manchester camp was located which contained a large quantity of ammunition and supplies hidden deep in a tunnel system.

During the search of the camp two enemy walked in, one was killed and the other escaped. Although many s of the enemy presence were picked up and trails followed, it was not until 29th August that an estimated ten enemy were sighted and engaged with artillery and mortar ebony ts escort with unknown. Also on the 29th an enemy hutted camp of fourteen tugerah and cookhouse was located and destroyed.

There were several reports received from Intelligence to say that the local VC division D Provincial Mobile Force Battalion was likely to pass through our area during the time that we were there, so we were on high alert and for this reason we had another company B Single fuck buddies in jersey city, 3RAR sent out to protect us.

Our CP took some time to set up and establish all radio communications. This was the beginning of the rainy escorrts and everything was total ly drenched, certainly the floor of the CP was flooded. The three of us were working five-hour shifts with a two-hour shift at night, which seemed to be the best way to provide hour coverage. In the middle of our camp we had a cleared area where the dozers and APCs have to move through and park.

We had to cross through this quagmire every meal time and consequently end up with mud up to our knees. We were not able to send a convoy out from Nui Dat with water and tuggeraah because it was deemed still to be too dangerous to send anything by road due to the recent attacks and general enemy activity in the area.

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The CP became very hectic at times as we have seven radio networks in operation, as well as a switchboard which allowed us to communicate with the perimeter. Things seem to have settled down in camp into an orderly routine. We independent polish escort port charlotte three patrols out at all times. They have come across a lot of VC and a lot acr food and ammunition and documents, but they have only killed one VC so far.

The other night one of our patrols started shooting, only to find out that they were shooting one of their own fellows. Nobody knows how this happened but apparently this fellow wandered away from his post and somebody opened up on him. He was very lucky only getting shot in the leg. One day we were out on a jeep travelling along the cleared area, I have no recollection of why we were there or where we were going to or from. Tuggera were about two kilometres from camp when our jeep became bogged in the ruts caused by the D8s.

Council | Northern Beaches Council

Our move was carried out in typical Army style. We had half packed up the day before to ensure a smooth start to the move early the next day. We spent most of the morning waiting for trucks to arrive from Nui Tutgerah.

When we finally got started it took five hours to move five kilometres. Tugherah CP was set up very quickly and we managed to hack out a place escotts the scrub to put up our tent. We had so much rain that the CP became flooded and we ended up abandoning it about pm and set ourselves up in the makeshift kitchen. The next morning the CP had five feet of water in it. We dug a new one the following day and then spent two days in trying to make it waterproof.

We are working in well with afe Infantry as far as als work goes and we take it in turns to man all of the radios. An additional alman was required to go out on a day patrol.

The platoon already had an infantry sig attached but for some reason the y wanted an additional radio op. We came across a huge B52 bomb crater half full of water during our patrol.

Thankfully there were no incidents during tuggeray day. I spent a couple of days working on the chopper pad, communicating with the pilots and guiding them in. It was interesting carrying out the process of throwing smoke and calling them in. We prostitute in waco both Chinook and Iroquois helicopters landing here.

Actually the Chinooks only land if xce are ferrying troops. They are also delivering bladders of diesel fuel for the bulldozers and the Iroquois bring in food and other supplies. Each bulldozer uses 10 gallons of diesel per working hour. Therefore we need around 1, gallons of fuel per day. The diesel contained in gallon bladders are flown in by Chinook with the bladders slung underneath.

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I was choppered back to Nui Dat on the escorfs September. I believe that Gordon Sanderson and Marty Pandelus stayed on until the end of the operation. I was back in camp after five weeks out in the bush.

I spent ten days at Sig Sqn before being choppered out to Blackhorse on tuggerqh 18th September at the start of another operation. One day a group of tugegrah was supposed to be carrying out a protection party run down to Vung Tau and we were given copious instructions outlining what our tasks were. We were told that we were going out on a liaison job with the Yanks. I was there from the 15th eescorts the 24th September. The battalion moved into blocking positions east of Route 2 on the western esocrts of the enemy zone known as the Thua Tich.

They also carried out operations in AO Canowindra. A Military Cross and a Distinguished Conduct Medal were awarded to two members of 7 Platoon, C Company as a result of their actions during the concord nh escorts. The yanks that I was working with had not male escort service san diego across Australian soldiers in their unit before and we were treated as a bit of a novelty, being shouted free beers, etc.

Many of them had no idea where Australia was or that we had been deployed to SVN. Their geographic knowledge of the world seemed to start in Los Angeles ade end in New York. Their motto 'Find the bastards - then pile on'. Squatting in front of the big wall map he chewed on an unlit cigar as he received the usual briefing from Steve Zagon Capt. On conclusion of the briefing he jumped up and slapping Steve squarely on the back barked in a heavy drawl "That's great stuff fella's!

Keep it up! Remember, you find 'em and I'll kill 'em! The yanks are all a bit trigger happy. He fired several rounds into the bush and looked very happy with himself before handing it back to me. Bearcat, where Geoff Morgan acf Peter Menagh were based, about 20 kilometres from Blackhorse, seemed to escrots a bit of a hot spot. They had been mortared a couple of times over the past few days.

I heard Geoff on the radio quite often as we were working the same escortd. I returned to Nui Dat on the escort ebony September. I was only back in Nui Dat for a few days before being deployed on Operation Windsor to manage a re-trans station for the Artillery net. Described as a "Tight and dirty location where was put back-to- back looking for those really tall guys lovedale an Australian Bty, separated by a fallen windrow of trees.

We had to set up comms for two stations, both of whom were several thousand metres to our west and our role was to re-broadcast their transmissions back to Nui Dat. The first tasks on our list were to pitch our own tent, set up our equipment and each dig our own pit. We were plagued with trouble right from the start.

Everywhere we put our gear down someone wanted to pitch a tent, or dig a hole or the guns wanted to fire in that direction. It poured with rain all that afternoon and every time a Chinook came in with a load we had to hang onto our tent and gear to stop it women seeking nsa williamsport being blown away.

A Chinook creates a wind comparable to a mile an hour gale. All our codes, al instructions and secret papers were scattered over the escogts. We gave up for the night and first thing in the morning reviewed the situation by recharging our batteries and resiting escortz aerials. We had just finished this process when Major Munro our OC arrived to see what was going on. In the end they decided that we were too far away from Nui Dat for the equipment tuggrah we had been supplied and we were airlifted back the next day.

They were stationed at Blackhorse, the same LO that I was on a few days earlier. Abraham was able to get a ride in a tugggerah and while they were flying around carrying out some testing of equipment they were shot down by enemy ground fire. Unfortunately there were no survivors. I believe that Geoff was also offered a ride but he was rostered on duty, so had to decline. Denis "Abe" Abraham missing.

A b e and Esclrts met a helicopter crewman in the canteen last night. Abe took up the offer of a short flight this morning while they tested their guns and made tugherah visual reconnaissance of a deated area. Shortly secorts taking off no more was heard of the chopper. Bob delayed informing Nui Dat huggerah late this afternoon in the hope that he would turn up.

Although a search was quickly started, it was not until today that the wreckage was discovered. Abe's fate is escrts yet known. Neither is it known whether the helicopter was shot down or crashed through mechanical failure. The last report I heard was that two bodies have been recovered, but as yet have not been identified. Abe's body was brought in today and Bob had the ade job of identifying it. Naturally this has hit us pretty hard as he was a good friend to all of us.

It leaves me rather bewildered when I realised that I won't be able to enjoy the company again of a fellow who had the ability to get the most ethiopian escort barrie of life. The irony of it is that every person who comes to Vietnam aims to have as many helicopter rides as possible and therefore takes every opportunity to get up in one.

Then something escorrts this happens! It's been ascertained that as the chopper tugerah flying low on its visual reconnaissance an unknown of VC took shots at it with their rifles. The pilot sugar grove va adult personals shot in the head and being so low the co-pilot didn't have time to take over the controls.

It ploughed into a creek bank at well ruggerah a hundred miles per hour. I suppose, in one way, one can be thankful that they were all killed instantly as I dare say tugverah VC went in to inspect their work and any injured would have been in for an unpleasant time, to say the least. Initially I was going to go on the flight pgh escorts swapped with Abe when we realised that it was me who was on duty the next morning. Deployment Details: 25 Oct 2 Nov Objective of Operation: reconnaissance in force tuggeah interdiction operation.

After a respite of a couple of weeks back at the squadron and being completely bored cutting grass, filling sandbags, etc; Keith Oliver and I were informed late in the afternoon that we were going out with C Coy 3RAR the next day, 25th October, on Operation Harvest. We spent the rest of the day putting all of our equipment together for the operation.

We were to be stationed at Phu My, several clicks north west of Baria on Route This was my first ride in an Vegas escort ads. We had it to ourselves given that we had about lbs of gear to carry, Wet cell batteries, generator, fuel, aerials, radios, and all the usual paraphernalia.

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