After messing with various drivers, here’s what I get: The biggest issues with these boards is you can’t actually use a pci-e and agp gpu at the same time. On a side topic- one of my ‘Scout parents’ is a Web Designer by trade. Only other thing to add: So far it seems single GPU cards only. I’ve had to put that project on the back -burner for a while and hope to get back to it in a week or two.

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Last but not least, the Dual-VSTA actually packs a decent audio solution in contrast to its other basic features. Sign in with Twitter.

ASRock Dual-VSTA –

I’ve been trying only NVidia boards Well, last month XP did a major implosion another story! Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences here. In my personal opinion, running quad’s is not worth it because of the FSB hit and few of the games supporting quad cores.

Posted February 14, Sorry, I’m late to this thread, but to add to the topic:. Share this 775duaal-vsta Link to post Share on other sites.

There are no resources listed for it in device manager, and the unknown-device-identifier does not list an “unknown device”. Normal, High Multiplier Selection: Hi, all- New poster here but have been lurking in these forums for awhile. Anandtech reviews seemed pretty decent too. Would that be the PCI-Express bus slot? This is a board that you really want to dislike from a performance viewpoint, but you have to like it from an upgradeability perspective.


Last edited by jordi on I mean my old q machine will run anything from 98 to 10 and that just uses a more standard gigabyte board. The board on a couple of occasions while overclocking completed a brown out while either GPU was being stressed in 3DMark Already have an account?

No issues as I recall.

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I had to recap the motherboard recently as all the caps were starting to bulge one 775dusl-vsta one. Other users are reporting the same and it’s a miracle if you get above ! During our tests, we’ve also noticed that the board sometimes has a tendency to switch the graphics interface down to PCIe x1 intermittently at boot up.

What – did someone cut off all your fingers or something? In Windows 10, there can be an issue installing drivers for a PCI-Express, but just run the following command and you’re good to go: However, anything higher resulted in a no boot condition and clearing of the CMOS. Register a new account. Anyone know what this PCI problem is, and how I can solve it?


So many bios updatesand none of them fixed the problems the board had. Log in Create account Recent changes This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I’ve tried 3 different boards, but I might have cross-contaminated the system by trying too many driver packages. After messing cchipset various drivers, here’s what I get:.

Dual-VSTA – OSx86

This proved to be an issue in benchmarks that tend to stress the GPU interface. I’ve tested the following PCI-Express cards with success: Same goes with the PCI Express bus, anything above creates problems. I flashed it with PCtrieber’s unofficial bios about 5 yrs ago and run with 775dial-vsta 3.