Let us hope that competition will improve this card further. Visually, I can certainly prove that the resolution at x on my monitor are very much sharper than the Savage 3D based card, but moderately on par with the TNT. Much was made of Voodoo3 christened ‘Avenger’ and its bit color rendering limitation. This was in fact quite complex, as Voodoo3 operated to full bit precision 8 bits per channel, While I do not have the game titles that will be bundled, but judging from the way it see, 3dfx will probably bundle some real hot games but most likely to differ between the , and models.

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This definitely do not justify the need to pay over a hundred dollars or so for a small increase in performance. However, a controversy arose over what happened next.

3dfx Voodoo 3 PCI VGA Video Card | eBay

Or the tweaking of Gamma with the de facto slider feature. However, there are very few entertaining titles out there currently 3dfxx will show an incredible performance improvement using AGP texturing due to texture sizes.

Notice the new coporate name change for 3dfx from the old ‘3Dfx’ to the current ‘3dfx’. The settings allow you to select quite a few option; like the signal type and also the ability to center the screen on your TV. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This offered better quality than running in pure bit mode. The same applies for the font-size slider. I ran the games at x and they were as good as if not better than playing on TNT based cards.


With the powerful MHz clock rate and Megapixel per seconds chipset core, this V runs application with ease.

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What you will get is a better quality PCB board, an extra fan on the heatsink and some faster memory chip soldered in the board. A Mhz clock rate will be more than sufficient to run today’s most demanding games and 2D applications.

At that setting, the system did not hang even after 8 hours of continuous rounds of Quake II and other exciting games. Pre-setup notably featured a guardband clipper eventually part of hardware transformation and lighting but the pixel pipeline was a conventional single-issue, dual-texture design almost identical to that featured on Voodoo2, but capable of working on bit image data as opposed to Voodoo2’s pure bit output. Avenger was pushed to the forefront as it offered a quicker time to market than the already delayed Rampage.

Com, accessed August 30, While I do not have the game titles that will be bundled, but judging from the way it see, 3dfx will probably bundle some real hot games but most likely to differ between theand models. Views Read Edit View history.

3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP RAM 5.5

I am sure the retail 3dfx Tools will be very much improved with the quality STB desktop tools that many of us are familar with. However, as this is just a pre-production board and you might not know what exactly aagp in the retail box.

With the centering and screen adjustment option, I was able to adjust it correctly to fit the TV. User also have to be content with the 16MB memory which might seem voidoo3 little weak in the future.


It’s sure to catch the eye of many with the unique implementation of the human eye in various colours. You will definitely see a lot of improvement over the weeks as the driver avp more matured.

The retail card will definitely have much improved features and performance, minus the TV out feature of course: But nevertheless, the other parts of the card are of rather good quality.

Below are shots showing the 3dfx info box which list out all the technical information of the card, including the BIOS version, driver revision and release date. This page was last edited on 27 Julyat Can voldoo3 Voodoo4 be the solution? Bulldozing throught the Voodoo3 It was the successor to the company’s high-end Voodoo2 line and was based heavily upon the older Voodoo Banshee product.

The Desktop tab has all the important items from the display properties. To save framebuffer space, the Voodoo3’s rendering output was dithered to 16 bit. The internal organisation of Avenger was 3dx complex. From sources, ‘-G7’ refers to the ability to support up to MHz.